How to Use Information Products to Boost Your Business

By Eileen Coale

Are you looking for a way to establish your company’s expertise and connect with your prospects and customers? Consider giving away (or even selling) information products. An information product is a printed, electronic or audio publication, such as a white paper, special report, printed booklet, tip sheet, cassette tape or CD that offers useful industry information.

Here are four ways you can promote your business with information products:

1) Include an information product as a premium.

2) Use information products to encourage a prospect to take action. For example, a mail house might offer a special report about creating a successful direct mail campaign to prospects who meet with a sales representative.

3) Give away information products that will create a desire for your product or service. For example, a professional organizer could offer an audiocassette or CD of a seminar she taught. The prospect will listen to the CD during drive time and may be encouraged to hire the organizer.

4) If you offer a service and find that you often spend time in free consultations that go nowhere, turn uncompensated time into paid time by offering special reports for a price. If you find you are asked the same questions over and over again, turn each question into its own special report. Once you have several different reports written, you can offer bundles of them at lower prices. Instead of $8 each, for instance, you might offer three for $20.

The key to a successful information product is to keep the topic narrow while delivering information in depth. Title formats such as “how to” and “seven (or any number) ways to” are particularly effective.

If you teach seminars or give presentations regularly, record the sessions and create cassette tapes or CDs.

The Internet offers a low-cost way to deliver your information products without going to the expense of printing on paper. Information products can be delivered as e-books, special downloadable reports, or by auto-responder email. If you’re offering hard copies of materials, they can be printed out one at a time on your printer as needed.

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Eileen Coale, owner of Coale Communications, is a freelance copywriter and small-business marketing consultant.  Visit her Web sites at and She can be reached at 410-757-0821.

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