How to Inspire Employee Peak Performance

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[ ]  Create and maintain loyalty to an exciting, achievable vision

[ ]  Write and use effective job descriptions

[ ]  Establish effective advertising, screening and hiring procedures

[ ]  Hire the right people for each position

[ ]  Develop and use an employee handbook, with clearly outlined personnel procedures

[ ]  Consistently communicate your vision, expectations and strategy to your team

[ ]  Establish and communicate appropriate goals, responsibilities and procedures

[ ]  Develop employee incentive plans

[ ]  Consistently give positive feedback to employees

[ ]  Support team and morale building

[ ]  Provide ongoing, efficient employee training

[ ]  Encourage employees to grow personally and professionally

[ ]  Develop and use effective performance review procedures

[ ]  Spend time with employees, assessing progress and morale

[ ]  Solicit input, encourage new ideas, and listen to employees

[ ]  Communicate the value of each employee’s role

[ ]  Address problems among employees quickly and in a positive manner

[ ]  Get at the root of employee problems and focus on solutions rather than blame

[ ]  Recognize important employee personal milestones, such as graduations

[ ]  Provide flexibility to meet employee personal needs, where possible

[ ]  Reprimand quickly, effectively and positively

[ ]  Establish and follow legal firing procedures

[ ]  Model the behaviors you want in your employees

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