How to Keep Your Customers

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[ ]  Know your customers and understand why they want your product/service

[ ]  Understand what type of buying experience will be important to them

[ ]  Establish effective customer service policies and procedures

[ ]  Put all customer service policies and procedures in writing

[ ] Specifically define what you would like your customers to experience

[ ]  Train all employees who have customer contact on general customer service policies

[ ]  Emphasize that without customers there is no company

[ ]  Train your customer service staff  on specific procedures

[ ]  Develop checklists for customer service procedures and train staff to use them

[ ]  Set and monitor measurable customer service goals

[ ]  Regularly meet with and monitor your customer service staff

[ ]  Give your staff directions for solving problems

[ ]  Establish procedures for handling difficult customers in a positive way

[ ]  Give your staff authority to work with other employees to handle emergencies

[ ]  Reward employees for superior customer service

[ ]  Always deliver what you promise

[ ] Deliver products/services promptly

[ ]  Follow up to assure that customers are satisfied

[ ]  Make it easy for customers to contact you

[ ]  Respond promptly to customer contacts

[ ]  Listen carefully to what customers want

[ ] Focus always on solving problems and meeting customer needs

[ ]  Keep customers updated if solution to a problem will take some time

[ ]  Get to know your customers and stay in contact

[ ]  Solicit customer feedback and make changes that fit their needs

[ ]  Define ways to give customers extra attention and service

[ ]  Communicate with newsletters, phone calls, mailings, emails, social media

[ ]  Share personalized information with customers

[ ]  Offer appropriate customer discounts, gifts and events

[ ]  Ask customers for referrals

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